Container Park
İzmir, Turkey

On Ege University’s new 50,000 m2 techno-park campus master-planned by the same multi-disciplinary team, this research-and-development facility houses offices, laboratories, computer spaces, a showroom, and a café and restaurant as well as an outdoor garden and exhibition space. It is built from 35 used shipping containers assembled in modules of two, three, or four containers that are arranged in response to sunlight and wind conditions. The containers were modified with cold roofs, green walls, solar glass, and thick insulation, and are equipped with air conditioning and low-energy lighting; all of the technical installations are exposed in the interiors. The project is conceived as a humble, open, easily-accessible, and welcoming facility at the centre of the techno-park.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

İzmir, Turkey
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Completed 2015
984 m²
Variant Names
Container Park
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office building/complex