Issy Valley Improvement
Ait Mansour, Morocco

One part of a large government-sponsored hydro-agricultural project for the valley, this initial phase of the project focuses on the improvement of trails and facilities for rural tourists whilst improving the palm orchards and water reservoirs/collectors. The beginning, centre and terminus of a 14-kilometre trail have been created as stone-paved circles, all using traditional techniques and materials by labourers from the 2,500 residents of the valley. Lighting, benches, toilet facilities and signage have been installed, and some of the existing tourist facilities along the trail have been improved. All of the interventions are minimal and seek to be "invisible" within the existing landscape and settlements.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Ait Mansour, Morocco
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Occupancy 2020
Site area: 4,063 m²
Variant Names
Aménagement de la Vallée d'Issy
تحسين وادي إيسي
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urban design and development