Nimla Garden
Darvazehgêy (Nangarhar Province), Afghanistan

Nimla Bagh (also known Mimla Bagh) is one of the few surviving Mughal gardens in Afghanistan.

"It has been variously attributed to the Shah Jahangir, to Shah Jehan and to Babur himself. This garden, 40km from Jalalabad, follows the quartered Chahar Bagh –style of classical Mughal gardens, with beds of plants and trees given order by the addition of terraces, straight paths, and channels of water punctuated by fountains. The design echoes the more celebrated Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, Kashmir, also laid out at this time by Jehangir for his wife Nur Jahan. As in Srinagar, cypress and chinar trees play an important role in the garden’s design."

Source: Lonely Planet

Darvazehgêy (Nangarhar Province), Afghanistan
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Constructed between 1646 - 1647
Restored in 1995
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Nemla Garden
Mimla Bagh
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