AJ House
Lahore, Pakistan

The house is highly contemporary yet reflective of local tradition - notably brick courtyard houses. Laid out as two volumes for residents and staff respectively, it is organised around a sequence of gardens and courtyards, filling the interior with light and scent. Thick brick walls and high-performance double-glazing enhance thermal performance. External finishes are cut red-brick panels and white pebble-dash. The roof is treated as a fifth façade, with white marble, terracotta tile and brick for decreased heat gain. The same materials are used for patios and walkways, in patterns evoking cascades and carpets. Interior floors feature local marbles and rosewood and Rajistani white onyx. Circulation is designed such that different paths may be taken to suit different needs and moods. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Lahore, Pakistan
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Completed 2016
3,213 m²
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