Princess Salma Housing Estate
Zarqa, Jordan

This residential development for members of the Jordanian army has 145 residential units set of different types set around a central communal courtyard on a 22,000 square metre site. The units, of different sizes, are made up of duplexes on the ground floor and single-storey apartments above, with access to the apartments through external staircases and bridges. This "clustered" approach, combining the Levantine courtyard house with the European terraced house, together with pergolas and vegetation, act to provide shade and to reduce the risk of overheating in this hot, arid climate. The design balances public and private areas, with a private outdoor terrace for each unit as well as full access to the public central courtyard.  

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Zarqa, Jordan
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Completed 2016
19,323 m²
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