Stars Football Academy
Lüleburgaz, Türkiye

This is the trailblazer for a series of planned academies for Lüleburgaz, dedicated to developing the city’s social and cultural structure, with a particular emphasis on children. Rather than a single air-conditioned indoor space, it is designed as a group of interconnecting buildings, maximising access to natural light and fresh air. A building automation system measures daylight and oxygen levels in each space, and activates lighting and ventilation systems where appropriate. Other eco-friendly measures include a geothermal heat pump, rainwater harvesting and photovoltaics. Concrete and metal building systems were selected for minimum maintenance. Between the football fields and the landscaped park-cum-play area is a public square for socialising and outdoor activities.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Lüleburgaz, Türkiye
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Completed 2013
5,386 m²
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recreation and sport