Redesign of Downtown Passageways
Cairo, Egypt

A pilot/demonstration project began with revitalisation of a delipidated, closed public passageway in central Cairo; it was redeveloped and landscaped to serve pedestrians as well as the shops on both sides of it. The ground was resurfaced with cement tiles on the sides and poured concrete in the centre; benches and lighting were installed, and native landscaping introduced; and the space was inaugurated with a public art exhibition. The project was successful and the Governorate of Cairo endorsed it; local and international funding was secured for four additional passageways. The ongoing management of each passageway is integral to the project, and residents and merchants form local boards that oversee trash collection, maintenance of landscape, etc.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Cairo, Egypt
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Completed 2015
475 m²
Variant Names
Redesign of Downtown Passageways
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urban space
Aga Khan Award for Architecture