Marubi National Museum of Photography
Shkodër, Albania

Home to a vast collection initiated by photographer Pietro Marubi in 1856, this modest-budgeted project is part of a state-driven cultural infrastructure improvement programme that prioritises historical building reuse. A building by Albanian architect Kolë Idromeno was restored without altering its volumes, to house a multifunctional entrance space and exhibition areas. A rear extension comprising five prefabricated "boxes" around a courtyard accommodates climate-controlled archive rooms, scanning laboratory, video-lounge/library, offices and storage. A pattern inspired by the geometry of a camera’s aperture has become the museum’s symbol, appearing at different scales throughout: in display shelves and walls, the extension’s glazed façades, and an on-street showcase that highlights the entrance, inviting both tourists and locals to reconnect with the past through photography.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Shkodër, Albania
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Completed 2016
1,138 m²
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