Bamland Recreational and Commercial Complex
Tehran, Iran

As an alternative to typical shopping malls, twelve two-storey commercial buildings are located throughout a 5-hectare site facing Chigar Lake; open and landscaped areas cover 4 hectares and include an amphitheatre, areas for music and theatre performances, social gatherings, and open-air exhibitions, and bicycle and jogging/walking paths.  Ten percent of the built area is designated for cultural activities (cinema, theatre, and galleries) and the remainder for shops, cafés, and restaurants. The concrete buildings employ white cement; bricks and grey granite are used for the landscaping elements and paving. The project has proven highly successful both commercially and socially.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tehran, Iran
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Completed 2017
26,000 m²
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Bamland Recreational and Commercial Complex
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Aga Khan Award for Architecture