Tanpo Solar School
New Delhi, India

At an altitude of 3,750 metres, the remote Himalayan village of Tanpo lies in the Zanskar River valley in Ladakh. The new classroom for 25-30 children allows school to be held during the harsh winter months and is located on an upper embankment of the river, safe from flooding. Only the south-facing double glazing is non-local; the double-walls are built from sun-dried adobe blocks, and the internal cavity contains straw for insulation. Solar radiation is the only source of heating; for additional insulation, a service corridor is located on the north side of the classroom. Construction by the local community and international volunteers took place over two summer months in 2017. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

New Delhi, India
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Completed 2017
45 m²
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Tanpo Solar School
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Aga Khan Award for Architecture