Preservation of Prizren Fortress
Prizren, Kosovo

A wide-reaching project of conservation, adaptive reuse, cultural site interpretation and a management plan has turned this historically significant fort, both for the history of Kosovo and the larger region, into a popular and visitor-friendly cultural monument. A collaboration between the organisation Cultural Heritage without Borders, who were responsible for the site’s interpretation, adaptation and management plan, and the Archeological Institute of Kosovo, who excavated and conserved the castle structures, the project has also included some reversible new constructions on site such as an amphitheatre, and the creation of visitor facilities and a walking trail. The project took a participatory approach with stakeholders, in keeping with preservation best-practices.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Prizren, Kosovo
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Completed 2017
15,500 m²
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Preservation of Prizren Fortress
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Restoration and Conservation
area conservation
Aga Khan Award for Architecture