Public Garden Ponds
Aktanysh, Russian Federation

Residents chose the site and contributed many ideas for the state-funded public space development scheme, the result proving extremely popular. The public garden beside the artificial lake is divided into two zones: one for recreation, incorporating plaza, children’s playground, workout area and stage; the other for relaxation, featuring gazebos, piers and stairs to the water. Soil and grass replaced swamps and undergrowth for a picnicking glade beneath the willows. A brightly coloured frigate in the playground reflects local shipping and fishing traditions. Other play equipment includes a carousel and a wheelchair swing platform. A motif combining the district’s emblem - a white swan - with the village’s name in calligraphy decorates benches. Bird and boat forms are plasma-cut into metal stele.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Aktanysh, Russian Federation
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Completed 2017
670,000 m²
Variant Names
Public Garden Ponds
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landscape architecture
Aga Khan Award for Architecture