Qarn Majid Fort
Hisn al Qa', Yemen

Dating from 1812, the husn or fort is a four-storey structure built entirely of mud blocks and earth. It had fallen into disrepair as a result of continuous rains and flash-flooding over the previous seven years; the structural walls and timbers were badly deteriorated, as were all interior finishes and sculpted plasterwork. Rehabilitation began with the reinforcement or replacement of structural timbers, interior columns, and stone pillars.Interior walls were repaired where damaged, and re-surfaced with traditional mud and lime plaster; frescoes and painted decorations were repaired; and interior floors and the roof terrace were re-surfaced with traditional, burnished lime plaster. Electricity was introduced, as well as drainage pipes to channel out rain water.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Hisn al Qa', Yemen
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Completed 2014
212 m²
Variant Names
Qarn Majid Fort
Husn Fort
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Aga Khan Award for Architecture