Dhaka International University Library
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The three-storey building contains multi-purpose teaching and student rooms on the ground floor, classrooms on the second floor, and a library on the third floor; the exterior walls of the roof are enclosed to provide an open-air activity area. The structure is braced steel since the site is vulnerable to seismic activity and strong winds, and all structural elements are encased in brick or concrete for protection from fire; steel louvres on the exteriors of window openings serve as windbreaks and to temper the harsh sunlight. To achieve the red colouring that the architect believes to signify cultural strength, the façades are finished with cement into which chips of terra-cotta bricks are admixed; a similar technique is used for flooring.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Completed 2015
1,121 m²
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