Tehran Book Garden
Tehran, Iran

The project seeks to boost book-reading among the public by creating permanent spaces for displaying books. Spread over three floors and a roof garden, it is a "book mega mall", hosting exhibition spaces, a children’s science park, a theatre, art galleries, cinemas, auditoriums, cafés, restaurants and outdoor event spaces. Taking inspiration from traditional Iranian terraced gardens, the design prioritises modular flexible spaces, transparency, fluid visitor circulation and integration with the landscape. Its conceptual form is of a long hill with the west side cut away and glazed. Eight of its 13 interconnecting blocks are dedicated to lobby spaces for up to 5,000 visitors. Grand eastern stairs link the green roof to the adjacent culture plaza, National Library and Academies Complex.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tehran, Iran
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Completed 2017
65'000 m²
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