Factory in the Forest
Penang, Malaysia

The competition-winning project on a 5-acre site comprises administrative offices and a production plant for an electronics company. The car park, entrance, office facilities, and a courtyard are covered by a triple-height, free-standing canopy of steel columns that support an open, louvred roof; the lushly planted courtyard accommodates a cafeteria and gathering places for staff, and both the courtyard and a bridge above it lead to the existing but expanded production plant that features all-glass walls giving onto the courtyard, and tempered natural lighting that enters through skylights. Poured-in-place concrete is used for interior elements such as stairs and the cantilevered boardroom, and for the exterior walls with angled fins to temper sunlight. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Penang, Malaysia
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Completed 2016
15,000 m²
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