Centre for Inclusive Education
Konya, Turkey

The architect convinced the client to expand the brief from an educational centre for autistic people, to an inclusive living environment where autistic and non-autistic can enjoy shared activities at various interaction levels: sports, performance, arts, learning, farming, horseriding, go-carting. A semi-urban ensemble of indoor and outdoor spaces, the design evokes traditional adobe villages and the nearby Neolithic town of Çatalhöyük - one of the world’s oldest settlements. A double-skin strategy with terracotta outer cladding protects from sun and wind and conceals services. Skylight slits between building masses are kept narrow to control sunlight and reduce snow impact through heated gutters. Spaces beneath are carved under to provide necessary widths for streets and courtyards. Accommodation for autistic people is available upstairs.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Konya, Turkey
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Completed 2016
7,600 m²
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urban design and development