Nikolay Lemaev Square
Nizhnekamsk, Russian Federation

Nizhnekamsk’s central public space was looking neglected, and half of its paths led nowhere. Its renovation was informed by extensive public consultation. New pathways were designed for circulation instead of pattern. The new fountain has become a symbol of the city: it has multicoloured backlighting, while lamps flicker star-like beneath the water’s surface, and two central trapezoid structures contain a water curtain that serves as a screen for laser-projected videos and images. The "Steps of Creativity" children’s playground repurposes a pre-existing unfinished cascade fountain into wide steps each with a thematic load: Playground, Music, Performing Arts, Drawing. Other innovations include wide-screen media points displaying local information, and a giant chessboard. Visitor numbers have increased by 1.5 times since the reconstruction.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Nizhnekamsk, Russian Federation
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Completed 2017
67,934 m²
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