Tyulyachinka Bottomland and Landscape Park
Tiulyachi, Russian Federation

The river that cuts through Tyulyachi was unvalued by residents: silted up, overgrown and riddled with household waste. Worse, during frequent floods, children were forced to cross it via a dangerous road bridge to get to or from school. This scheme provided a pedestrian bridge for children’s safety, and set about revealing the site’s natural beauty. Specialists were engaged to solve the environmental problems. With minimum ecological disturbance, routes and observation decks were added at different levels, along with well-equipped recreational and play areas themed around traditional local activities. It is now a favourite place among villagers. As a result of making wooden furniture to the architects’ designs, local workshops upgraded their equipment and expanded their business scope.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

9 Мирная улица, Tiulyachi, Russian Federation
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Completed 2017
40,000 m²
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