Barret Hodgson School
Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Located in a historic city in an agricultural region of the Punjab, this school for 800 boys and girls was built by a private philanthropist with roots in the city. One of the challenges for the architect was the requirement that the school must have strict segregation between the boys and girls, in keeping with local norms. Thus, the school is designed in three blocks: the girls wing, boys wing, and administrative block. The two-storey girls’ and boys’ wings have independent courtyards for recreation. The construction is brick, in keeping with the local vernacular and for the low cost and wide availability. Concrete lattices maintain privacy between the two wings while allowing for the flow of air, essential in the hot climate. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
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Completed 2014
6,792 m²
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