Skanderberg Square
Tirana, Albania

Celebrating Albania’s new democracy, the re-design of the main square of Tirana involved intense dialogue with the city residents. The central square measures 157 by 177 metres and was conceived as a shallow pyramid paved with stones quarried from throughout Albania; it is surrounded by a green belt that serves as a buffer to the bustling city. The periphery comprises twelve gardens, some old and some newly-designed, and paved walkways within and between the gardens provide a green promenade that also links together the monumental civic buildings surrounding the square. The gardens were designed for public and semi-public functions that spread into and animate the central square; water elements and fountains contribute additional animation to the lively urban plaza.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tirana, Albania
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Completed 2018
97,334 m²
Variant Names
Skanderberg Square
Building Usages
landscape architecture
Aga Khan Award for Architecture