Teknopark Istanbul Headquarters
Istanbul, Turkey

The building’s design reflects science parks’ mission as locations for innovation that benefits humanity. As well as the science park’s administration and rentable areas for R&D companies, it includes a café, restaurant, exhibition hall and multipurpose room where employees from diverse backgrounds can meet and interact. A simple cube is transformed into an iconic overall form by skewing parts of some planes. The façade is double-layered: precast reinforced-concrete grid outside, aluminium-framed triple glazing within. This transformation of the façade system from surface to volume assists energy efficiency, noise control, daylighting and solar control in a structure that meets international "green building" standards. A central vertical cavity offers further natural lighting and ventilation. Interior spatial organisation is modular and flexible.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Istanbul, Turkey
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Completed 2017
19,880 m²
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