Jardin des Zibans
Biskra, Algeria

On the edge of the Sahara, Biskra’s thermal baths were established by the Ancient Romans. The client was driven to initiate this project because of Algeria’s lack of international-standard leisure and tourism provision. A two-storey entrance building inspired by local architecture contains shops, restaurants and other visitor facilities. The waterpark features multiple pools, water slides and an artificial river – the Ziban – fed by a saline-water purification and recycling system. All of the pre-existing palm grove’s trees were retained. New plantings feature species known to survive in this setting. Artistic landscape features include footbridges, kiosks, a labyrinth, and small Oriental, Aztec, Japanese and Chinese gardens. The project became a practical training ground for architecture students, gardeners, stonemasons and others.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Biskra, Algeria
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Completed 2017
8,882 m²
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