Beirut Terraces
Beirut, Lebanon

The layers of Beirut’s rich, tumultuous history have literally influenced this 116-metre-tall apartment block’s design. Part of the rehabilitation of a war-scarred site, it comprises five modular floors repeated in different combinations and carried by a core and column-grid structure, so internal walls are non-structural. The varying slab size with projecting or set-back living areas generates terraces and overhangs - an interplay between openness and privacy, light and shade, that fosters flexible indoor-outdoor living in the city’s moderate climate. Passive design strategies seek to balance high-end living with environmental sustainability. The existing masterplan’s green boulevard idea is continued vertically, with ponds and plants in the entrance lobby and vegetation on private terraces. Spa facilities and underground parking are also provided. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Beirut, Lebanon
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Completed 2016
100,843 m²
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