Aabaan Communal Kitchen
Tehran, Iran

After two decades running their catering business, a group of local women - mostly their families’ breadwinners - acquired a run-down building in this socially disadvantaged area of Tehran, built in the 1960s to rehouse slum-dwelling migrants. From design to completion, its rehabilitation was achieved within 60 days, for under US$7,500, using a local workforce. The first priority was to meet sanitary requirements, but the transformation was also aesthetic. An internal window in the office/reception area gives customers a view through to the kitchen, where a central counter facilitates circulation, and ceiling openings provide natural light and ventilation. The geometric remodelling and painting of the façade has inspired neighbours to improve their buildings similarly, enhancing community participation and the sense of belonging.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tehran, Iran
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Completed 2016
75 m²
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urban design and development