Rainbow Spring Condovillas
Tangerang City, Jawat Bara, Indonesia

Condovillas is a term coined by the developer for low-rise apartment blocks surrounded by green space. Most Indonesian developers focus on building high-rise blocks and single houses. Maintenance costs in high-rises are a major issue, and many who live in individual houses will not consider high-rise living. Condovillas are an experiment in vertical living with a more favourable cost-to-size ratio than individual houses, and fewer maintenance issues than high-rises - five storeys being manageable even when elevators are not working. This complex comprises 30 blocks, each containing a garage and 20 two-to-four-bedroom dwelling units, plus a room for a house assistant if needed. All spaces have external windows, allowing natural lighting and ventilation that makes them still operable during power cuts.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tangerang City, Jawat Bara, Indonesia
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Completed 2017
74,610 m²
Variant Names
Rainbow Spring Condovillas
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housing development
Aga Khan Award for Architecture