Floating Schools
Various locations, Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s widespread flooding causes high dropout rates from schools. The architect – a native of an affected community – concluded that if children cannot reach their schools, school should be brought to them: by boat. Finding no willing investors, he established a non-profit organisation to build such boats with income from his other projects. There are now 23 in operation, serving 2,070 students annually. Local boat-builders take 3-6 months to make each, using bamboo and wood selected for rot-resistance and durability. The structure is largely traditional, but with metal beams for a wide-span roof. In the two-tier model, the upper deck provides a community playground and training space, and the lower a classroom and library. Solar panels power internet-linked computers. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Various locations, Bangladesh
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Completed 2012
50 m²
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