Pondok Cabe House
Jakarta, Indonesia

The client wanted his new home, on a new site, to reflect the character of the old saltbox-roofed house he had sold to commercial developers. The brick walls of the new residence’s three separate single-storey masses - two each containing bedrooms and common areas, for privacy between occupants and guests; the third with kitchen, dining, living and service areas - were already built when the architects became involved. They added contemporary details such as wood-clad metal columns supporting roof overhangs, and decorative vent-block gables. Custom-designed for rain protection and light filtration, the vent blocks were cast on site and allow natural ventilation. Large sliding doors maximise daylighting. With connecting terraces, decks, koi pond, pool and large garden, the complex is strongly family-oriented.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Jakarta, Indonesia
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Completed 2016
442 m²
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