SHL Aakash Prodeep
Dhaka, Bangladesh

In the upper-scale residential and diplomatic area of Banani, the 12-storey apartment building strives to provide landscaped areas for all seventeen units. The structure is a reinforced concrete frame, and local brick is used for infill walls. Since building codes restricted the amount of space available for open terraces, the architects devised double- and triple-height planted spaces that extend from the building mass on cantilevers; the residents above are thus able to enjoy the landscaped terraces below. The building footprint was kept to a minimum so that the rest of the lushly-planted site is available for children and the building residents. The success of the project resulted in the modification of building codes for upper-floor terraces.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Completed 2014
5,760 m²
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