Pars Hospital
Rasht, Iran

Inducing corridors enclosed in a shell. This near-160-bed private hospital breaks that mould, aiming to boost efficiency and wellbeing through spatial distribution, volumes, alignment, views, green spaces, materials, colour and light. Set back from the busy road to limit noise pollution, its angled forms are inspired by Rasht’s skyline. A transparent wrap-around atrium merges the separate areas - diagnostics, emergencies and outpatients - into one entity, and directs more natural light inside. Brightly coloured interior walls echo the tones that local people favour for clothing and décor. Cross-ventilation is ensured where appropriate, but avoided in remedial areas, to prevent cross-infection. Future expansion can be envisaged to the north-west.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Rasht, Iran
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Completed 2016
30,000 m²
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health care