Turabt Bani Al-Shihna
Aleppo, Syria

Al-Shihna's mausoleum located northeast of Madrasa al-Firdaws. There are several mausoleums in that area outside the city wall built during the Mamluk period. A clear indication of the Mamluks' features can be seen on the facade.

A number of scholars come from Al-Shihna family such as Muhib al-Din, Ibn al-Shihna al-Halabi ( 749 - 815 / 1348 - 1412 AH), who served a number of times as a judge in Aleppo and also served as a judge in Damascus and Cairo. Another scholar from the family, Abi al-Fadel, Ibn al-Shihna al-Halabi (1402-1485 / 804-890 AH) is known for his book al-Durr al-Muntakhab fi Tarikh Mamlakit Halab.

.. Rami Alafandi, AKDC@MIT, April 2023


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Aleppo, Syria
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تربة بني الشحنة
Mausoleum of Al-Shihna Family
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