Aftab Cultural Centre
Mazrae Shoor, Iran

Severely damaged by a 2003 earthquake, the village fell into social and economic depression; those few who could reconstruct their homes used ill-adapted contemporary materials. This project demonstrates the earthquake-resistant qualities of earthen materials while engaging and training village youth and residents. An abandoned 100-year-old home was renovated as a cultural centre; arranged around a central courtyard with two iwans, it contained a small guest room on the upper floor. A new mud-brick retaining wall was added to the northern façade, and all walls were repaired; local master masons trained youth. All the floor surfaces and the undulating roof were resurfaced as mosaics using bits of colourful, broken tiles recycled from throughout the village.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Mazrae Shoor, Iran
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Completed 2014
250 m²
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