Mohi Houssin Residence
Giza, Egypt
The Mohi Houssen Residence is a traditional house with a workshop for an Egyptian sculpture situated in a private garden. The architect, through his design, sought to provide the artist and his family with a comfortable house and a functional workshop at a minimal cost. The residence is designed as two separate sectors; the larger sector comprises the residential area, which covers both the north and east side of the courtyard. The other sector comprises a ceramic workshop that encloses the courtyard on the west. The house is entered by a porch at the northeast corner which leads to an entry court facing the internal courtyard. The accommodation is divided into two parts: the north end is for the family, with three bedrooms and a bathroom on two levels. A corridor leads to the other half of the house where there is a domed sitting room, dining area kitchen and workshop. The domes and vaults are constructed using red bricks, while ceilings were built of mud-brick. The walls are load-bearing rough-hewn limestone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Giza, Egypt
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Mohi Houssein Residence
Mohi Houssen Residence
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