91 rue Siaghine
Tangier, Morocco

In January 1917, the banker Moses Nahon opened what was arguably the most lavish retail shop in the city of Tangier. The three-story structure is located on rue Siaghines, where his home had once stood. It has been a retail establishment since. In 1951, it became a Monoprix, and eventually, a bazaar, selling handicrafts and antiques. As of 2022, the premises were closed and for sale. The facade is elaborately decorated. The first floor is clad in marble accentuated with dual-tone zellij around the wooden portals. Similar tile work is found in horseshoe arches to the right and left of the main entryway.

An overhang with terracotta roofing tiles, the underside painted with floral motifs, sits above a shallow muqarnas cornice that extends beyond slightly beyond the top of the first floor (rez-de-chaussée) along the length of the building. The upper floors each have 7 sets of dual windows (14 sets in total), each surrounded with dual-tone red tile. The vertical decoration between each set of four windows consists of a vegetal motif composed in tile, topped with an expanse of darj wa ktaf carved stucco with tile palmettes. Along the top of the roof appears to be supported by decorative brackets.


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rue Siaghines, Tangier, Morocco
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1917 construction
June 1951, Inauguration as a Monoprix
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Footprint: 450 m2; Total Area: 2000m2
Variant Names
Magasin Monoprix
Formerly known as
Les Magasins Modernes
Formerly known as
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