Singapore, Singapore

In Singapore’s Dawson Estate, a 1950s-designed residential area, 758 new apartment units in five 40-to-43-storey towers are conceived as a city in a garden; the towers are linked by the landscaped roof of a four-storey car park, and there are a variety of landscaped community and recreational facilities at ground level. The four- or five-room apartment units are designed to accommodate three generations of families, with attached studio units for the elderly; some of the units are two-storey lofts with children’s rooms on the upper floor. Attention is given to natural ventilation in the common areas, and to expansive views in the individual units; the full-height windows are recessed to reduce solar penetration. The structure is pre-cast reinforced concrete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Singapore, Singapore
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Completed 2015
87,102 m²
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