Hamlets School
Kibera, Kenya

Originally the project was a commission for the architects of a vaccination centre in rural Kenya to reconstruct it within the courtyard of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. The architects instead proposed an entirely new construction in the museum courtyard that would later be dismantled, transported, and re-erected to serve as a children’s school in the slum area known as Kibera in Nairobi. It is built from modular components of scaffolding, and the architects encouraged rearrangement of the original reconfiguration during its re-erection by the local populace in Nairobi. Walls and roofing are corrugated metal panels and thick plastic sheeting that, like the elements of metal scaffolding, are readily available throughout Africa.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kibera, Kenya
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Completed 2015
175 m²
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