White Mosque
Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation

The complex comprises: a mosque for 300 worshippers, with a mezzanine for 180 female worshippers, and ablutions facilities in the basement; a three-floor madrasa with classrooms and study areas for 30 students, and a gym in the basement; and a social/conference hall for 48 people. The architectural vocabulary is deliberately based on easily-recognisable Muslim monuments; height restrictions were imposed because the complex is located nearby a World Heritage site. The three buildings are all built in reinforced concrete and clad in white marble; they are arranged around an open, arcaded courtyard that is paved in granite, and additional worshippers can be accommodated in the courtyard. The mosque is surmounted by a dome and flanked by two slender minarets.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
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Completed 2012
3'061 m²
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