Nesin Mathematics Village
Sirince, Türkiye

In an abandoned olive grove on a hillside site covering 3.4 hectares, the entirely-new school and residential campus were constructed with local materials and traditional techniques - the ongoing objective is the creation of a seemingly ancient village. Serving over 300 students and staff, more than 50 buildings contain lecture halls and classrooms, a library with a 200-seat auditorium and seminar halls, student dormitories and residences for teaching staff, and communal facilities such as a kitchen and dining hall, as well as infrastructure for water, sewerage, and electricity. Most buildings are built of rough-hewn local stone with lime-and-earth mortar, and local timber for roofing; limited use of concrete is used for the larger public buildings.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Sirince, Türkiye
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Completed 2012
5,838 m²
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