Misbar Sabang Outdoor Cinema
Aceh, Indonesia

The name "Misbar" derives from the Indonesian gerimis bareng, referring to a shared moment in the rain. This is the team’s second such project, both promoting international and Indonesian film, and offering space for social interaction and creative activities. The 32-metre-long, open-topped, semi-permanent, prefabricated steel structure, with a projected 2-year life span, incorporates a 120-seat cinema with performance and gathering space. A street-level entrance leads visitors through to the tribune, which steps up to the control room and down to park level. Façades of translucent polycarbonate and white fabric let the structure blend with its ocean-side environment by day and glow invitingly from afar by night. These are elevated, opening the space and seating to free circulation from the park. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Aceh, Indonesia
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Completed 2017
234 m²
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