Residential Nasima
Kuwait City, Kuwait

This set of eight single-family rental houses, built using a legacy from the clients’ mother Nasima, is about preserving culture while allowing progress. It doubles the occupancy normally encouraged by the city’s zoning laws, yet with no increase in energy use – a now government-approved formula. Voids chiselled back from the basic cube of the zoning envelope inform internal use and access, aid climate control, provide outdoor spaces and save on materials. While boldly contemporary, the forms also refer to eroded local beach rocks. The limited budget required innovative use of local bricks, stone, concrete and stucco rather than the latest construction technology. Angled enclosures allow neighbours to greet each other while still maintaining privacy in this conservative setting.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Completed 2015
6,491 m²
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