Suasana Putrajaya 2C5
Putrajaya, Malaysia

The retail-and-office complex is located in Putrajaya, the new city that is Malaysia’s federal administrative centre. The client requested structural and architectural innovation within an ecological context on a prestigious site; the building structures are concrete and sustainable timber. The exteriors of the four double-skin 14- and 8-storey buildings are faceted to temper sunlight; the cavity between the two glass façades provides natural ventilation. "Ecostructure" or intense landscaping is integral to the project: along the central public promenade which connects the buildings, as vertical landscaping on the upper floors which are connected by "veranda-ways", as cantilevered, planted balconies that punctuate the façade, and in the main entrance atrium that is conceived as a vertical green wall.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Putrajaya, Malaysia
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Completed 2017
104,477 m²
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