Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of M’hamid
M'Hamid, Morocco

Terrachidia is an NGO created by a group of architects whose work at M’hamid provides a replicable methodology involving not only restoration, study and promotion of built heritage, but also keeping alive the traditional knowledge which shaped it and training others in that knowledge. Close collaboration with local communities is key – to inform decision-making, pass on their craft skills, and empower them through education and employment. The traditional materials and techniques used here mainly involve earth, wood, palm leaves, reeds and lime. Laboratory research has allowed improvements to the durability of earth finishes by adding locally sourced natural stabilisers, offering greater scope for their continued use. Fifteen historic buildings have been restored at M’hamid, including fortified town gates and mosques.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

M'Hamid, Morocco
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Completed 2012
2,246 m²
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urban design and development