Bali, Indonesia

The spatial arrangement of this four-bedroom house revolves around the Balinese architectural concept of Tri Mandala, signifying three realms: Nista Mandala (outermost, least sacred); Madya Mandala (intermediate); and Utama Mandala (innermost, most sacred). Its structure also reflects the traditional Balinese taring, with separation of floors, walls and roof. Walls of zigzag-laid local brick with concrete infill keep interiors cool while adding natural colour. Others are glazed, openable for natural ventilation. The roof is flattened bamboo. Floors use two types of cement: one grey, handmade by locals; the other colourful, handmade in Java where it featured in 1930s colonial buildings. The clients’ combined Western (French) and Eastern (Indonesian) background is further reflected by a central akasa space for playing pétanque.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bali, Indonesia
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Completed 2016
809 m²
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