Hatirjheel Urban Renewal
Dhaka, Bangladesh

In the centre of Dhaka, the Hatirjheel canals and wetlands historically provided drainage for the city; illegal encroachments over time led to severe deterioration and congestion, and this project began as a government sponsored project for restoration of the wetlands. It grew to a comprehensive urban renewal initiative to reduce vehicular congestion, reintroduce water transportation, retain monsoon waters, and improve drainage and waste-water management while providing much-needed public recreational and civic areas. It included the removal of sludge from the lake area and stabilisation of the banks; new pedestrian and vehicular bridges; the reorganisation of main and secondary vehicular roads; the provision of sewers; use of the canal system for water transportation; and the creation of public parks.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Completed 2013
125,000 m²
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urban design and development