Adam Hennen Residence
Giza, Egypt
The Adam Henen Residence is a traditional house with a workshop for an Egyptian artist. The architect, through his design, sought to provide the artist and his family with a comfortable house and a functional workshop at a minimal cost. Adam Henen was a young sculptor, a pupil of Wissa Wassef, and shared his philosophy. He needed a place to live and work, and could not then afford to buy a conventional house. The site was large enough for the artist's studio to be in a separate building. The ground floor comprises a sitting room, dining room, study, and kitchen. The first floor contains two bedrooms and a bathroom. The choice of mud-brick as a material ensured not only that the construction cost would be kept to a minimum, but also that the thermal performance would be good. Domes and vaults are constructed from red brick and mortar cement. The house is surrounded by a garden.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Giza, Egypt
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