Oasia Hotel Downtown
Singapore, Singapore

In Singapore’s dense Tanjong Pagar District, this "tropical skyscraper" with its verdant cladding stands out as proof that high density does not need to mean sacrificing green, public space. The 27-storey tower has an unusual structural design with four corner cores that allow for unobstructed central voids with views in all four directions. It houses 100 offices, 314 hotel rooms, restaurants, and four urban-scale sky-terraces, two of which are publicly accessible. Designed for Singapore’s hot and humid climate, the tower’s "living" envelope provides shade from the sun, and a reduced need for air-conditioning. The layered, perforated facade enables cross-ventilation, softens the light and provides privacy, without sealing it off from its surroundings. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Singapore, Singapore
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Completed 2015
19,416 m²
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