Guangming Village Post-Earthquake Reconstruction
Guangming Village, Yunnan Province, China

A 2014 earthquake destroyed 90% of the area’s traditional rammed-earth buildings. Most villagers chose brick-concrete to rebuild their homes, but price increases on these imported materials led to poor-quality constructions and debt. By innovating with rammed-earth building technology, known for its excellent thermal performance, this project provides a simple, economical, sustainable reconstruction strategy. Designed in close collaboration with the community and using local materials to the maximum, a prototype anti-seismic rammed-earth house – with concrete foundations and ring beams – convinced both the villagers and the government of the system’s ability to offer safe, bright, spacious, comfortable and beautiful accommodation.

Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Guangming Village, Yunnan Province, China
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Completed 2016
148 m²
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