Tripoli: Rehabilitation of the Citadel
Tripoli, Lebanon

Built by the Crusaders during the 13th century, the citadel later served as a prison during the Ottoman period. Damaged during the Lebanese civil war, it was restored as a public educational, cultural, and tourist facility; it also houses the headquarters for the Directorate of Antiquities. Structural works included repair of the drainage system, stabilisation of structural walls, waterproofing, and the removal of later additions. Two museums and visitors’ facilities were installed, and administrative facilities and conservation laboratories were created. Traditional materials and techniques of stone masonry with lime mortar and wood carpentry were employed for restoration works; steel, aluminium, and glass were used for the new installations and facilities. Open areas include the adjoining Fatimid cemetery.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tripoli, Lebanon
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Completed 2015
6,000 m²