Revitalisation of Bigeh Island
Aswan, Egypt

The island of Bigeh was formed by the 1902 Aswan Dam; ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris is buried there. Due to lack of employment opportunities the island was abandoned in the 1980s; this eco-resort project seeks to revitalise the island and economy. A completed building houses a restaurant, multipurpose hall, toilets and beach facilities; the project also includes the provision of water, eco-friendly sewerage infrastructure, and an electrical generation system. The new building is built from local mud bricks and granite; for hygienic purposes the kitchen vault employs fired bricks and cement mortar. Now underway is the refurbishment of five existing houses for accommodations for 30 guests; new sanitary facilities will be introduced in the houses.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Aswan, Egypt
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Completed 2017
1,004 m²
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urban design and development
urban design and development