Sudirman Corridor Pedestrian Facilities
Jakarta, Indonesia

The project involved structuring the hardscape and softscape areas of the Sudirman road corridor - Jakarta’s independence-era north-south axis and a key business district for Indonesia. It serves as a model for requiring wider space for pedestrians and cyclists, who rarely feel safe in Jakarta. The new walkways feature a bike line, bike rack, tactile guide for the disabled, signage, rubbish bins and benches, and a culture spot for performances, learning, or play. Strong, durable granite and andesite stones in contrasting colours are used for the hardscape, arranged in batik and stripe patterns that symbolise the Indonesian archipelago. The sky bridge, with ramp and elevator, offers access to the Trans-Jakarta Bus Shelter. It uses lightweight, modular sandwich panels that allowed for on-site, phased fabrication and installation. A white finish was chosen to reflect the colours of its RGB night-time lighting that provides a new and interesting experience for pedestrians.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Jakarta, Indonesia
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Completed 2019
1,047 m²
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urban design and development